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Cannabis Infused Vanilla Extract: Easy Recipes for Cooking with Cannabis

Vanilla Extract takes a loooong time to make, six months to be exact. But, if you have the patience, it's a such an easy process, and will greatly improve the flavor of your tinctures.

The infusion of THC (or CBD) comes from the use of Cannabis Tincture (Cannabis Infused Grain Alcohol).

We use our own Get Baked Edibles Tincture for this recipe. If using our Tincture as instructed, the each 1 teaspoon serving will deliver 60 mg of THC.

Link to purchase our Tincture:

For most small baked goods, such as a tray of 8" pot brownies or a 9" cake, a teaspoon will deliver a moderate dosage of around 6 grams per serving. To increase the THC content, use this extract in combination with with other infused ingredients, such as infused butter or coconut oil, or use twice as much vanilla as you normally would- your recipe will still taste delicious.

Ingredients: Makes 6 1 teaspoon servings

- 1 oz cannabis tincture

- 1 or 2 vanilla beans


1/ In small glass jar with an airtight lid combine tincture and vanilla beans. Ensure that the vanilla beans are fully submerged in the fluid. Store in a dark, cool location (a kitchen cabinet is fine).

2/ For the first week, once per day, give the mixture a shake.

3/ For the following six months, give the mixture a shake once per week.

4/ At the end of six months, remove the vanilla beans and enjoy!

5/ Use as you would any vanilla extract in your favorite recipes

6/ If this is all too much for you, you can purchase our Infused Vanilla Extract in 1/2 oz bottles. Here's a link:

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